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For the Earth 100 years from now, and so that children can still enjoy playing outside even after 100 years from now.

We shall believe that we should contribute to today's society while also taking responsibility for the world 100 years from now.

What can we do to achieve this? If we do not stop current global warming now, we shall leave a significant negative legacy for the future. We have decided to dedicate our life to passing the baton to the next 100 years.

This is the determination behind "For the Earth and Children 100 Years from Now." With our current technologies and experiences, we have decided to make the wind power generation the core of our company as a concrete contribution.

It’s not about whether we can or can't; we shall see it through! "To promote the wind power energy for the children of future and for the Earth" — This is Achiha's mission.

Our business

Conducting wind power generation projects from start to finish

In the wind power industry, it shall be so common that different companies to handle various sections of the project.

However, Achiha shall manage everything from project planning and development, design, procurement, construction, and installation (EPCI), to operation and maintenance (O&M).

Along with conducting upstream processes such as financial design and obtaining necessary permits, we also directly employ the engineers and workers who carry out the actual construction at the site.

In Japan, the typical "Subcontracting Structure" involves multiple intermediary companies between the contracting company and the actual workers, often resulting in small companies or individuals who are unknown to the main company.

In contrast, our feature is that from planning to the workers at the operational level, everyone is a direct employee of our company, united with a strong bond "Kizuna" and working together cohesively.

Strengths and Features

Originally specialists in heavy and specialized transportation

Our company originally specialized in the transportation of large, non-standard heavy products.

We handled the land transportation of railway vehicles and aircraft, as well as the transportation and even installation of large theme park equipment.

This also included the transportation of the wind turbine blades, particularly to narrow, mountainous areas that other companies would refuse due to challenging conditions.

We took on these difficult tasks with the motto "We shall find new way to get it done."

From there, we expanded beyond transportation to cover the EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation) of wind power plants, and further upstream into project planning and O&M (Operation and Maintenance).

Since our company started on the ground, we have many experienced workers, including veteran operators who have worked with us for decades, all as regular full-time employees.

We also own our own equipment, such as bigger cranes and others.

Our company is characterized by not just being planners, consultants, or financiers, but by being a hands-on, practical business that gets the work done.

International logistics

In addition to importing the wind turbines, we also act as the agents for various wind power-related equipment and supplies.

Furthermore, we are engaged in the business of refurbishing used Japanese railway vehicles and exporting them to overseas.

Regarding the import and export of heavy goods, domestic transportation to any ports in Japan is also one of our strengths.

Please feel free to contact us any time if you have any inquiries related to any heavy products in Japan.

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and recognize that we need to go beyond our company's boundaries.

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